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Post by Admin on Mon Jan 06, 2020 2:56 am

Mehmet Veysel Akdemir is a Social Media Specialist. He works on social media content marketing, traffic analysis and sponsored advertising management. He is the founder of Instagram phenomenon "heykelkafasi" and Chief Technology Officer at Turkey's leading brand of hair transplantation, the Hair of Istanbul. He continues his works in his office in Ataköy, Istanbul. His entrepreneurship portfolio is in wide perspective. Currently Mr. Akdemir and his team working on international real estate market and e-commerce fields.

Potential market he concentrate is U.K. and USA. Especially in real estate business UK residents are investing in Bodrum, and Istanbul. There fore he established and online real estate company "MFA REAL ESTATE" and architecture firm "Heykel Kafası Mimarlık" for satisfy the demand that comes from the UK and USA.

Mr Akdemir has a talented team consisting of Architects, Civil Engineers, Software Developers, SEO Analysts, 2D/3D Motion Graphic Designers and Business Managers.

Their head quarter at Ataköy Towers, Istanbul which is the bridge between Asia and Europe.

He loves reading books, riding horse, playing golf and polo, skiing and shooting.

Mr Mehmet Akdemir is a tough collector of art pieces in the field of contemporary art and a big fan of Jean-Michel Basquiat. Mehmet Veysel Akdemir collects statues and paintings and exhibiting them in special store in his office.

He follows impressionistic and contemporary art work sales in United Kingdom based auction house, Christie's.

Mehmet Veysel Akdemir, focusing on International Digital Sale industry in his future professional life in USA, Brazil, UK and Turkey.



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