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Things to do in Antalya Empty Things to do in Antalya

Post by kutlu44 on Wed Sep 18, 2019 8:26 pm

Vigo Tours provides travel ground services to both tour operators for their clients & also for private guests, groups and specialist groups who are visiting Turkey. These travel services include;

Hotel Accommodations / Packages
Daily tours & Excursions
Car / bus / limo Private Transfers
Group & Incentive Arrangements
Car hire / Fly Drive Tours
Air charter deals
Wedding arrangements
Golf arrangements
Travel arrangements for Medical / Dental Treatments

Vigo Tours was established in June 2000 has grown into one of the area’s leading tour companies. Today, Vigo Tours is at the forefront of travel providers, by fulfilling the ever increasing demands & needs of the overseas traveller visiting things to do in Antalya and other holiday destinations of Turkey in both a professional & personal way. As an established company since 2000 we have built up a team & network of reliable & trustworthy people to ensure that each of our guests will enjoy the best time, best treatment at best prices. We are a professional company, certified & experienced enough for you to feel you are in safe hands but at the same time personal enough that no enquiry is too small or too big for us, every client matters!

Vigo Tours was founded & remains successful in the hands of the original owners who are each experts in their own field within Turkey’s tourism sector. Each has many years of relevant experience behind them and by really listening to each client individually, to their likes, dislikes, desires & grievances the company holds a top position in the Antalya / Turkey Turkey’s tourism Industry.

The aim of Vigo Tours is to provide the best quality service possible to its clients. People travelling abroad need a name that they can both rely on and trust, a name that they can tell their friends & family about. As an established company Vigo Tours has developed a network of reliable sources over the last years whose services & products reflect their own high standards and provide very competitive if not the best prices.

The company aim is to provide a caring & personal service for each client with responsible & devoted team members who are also enthusiastic & committed to the happiness & success of each clients stay. We believe if the clients are happy they will choose us again and recommend us to their friends and family, this is the best way for a business to be long-lasting & successful.

At Vigo Tours the words VIP (Very Important Person) are often heard and this makes us smile. For us at Vigo Tours each and all of our clients are VIPs. We make no difference whether a client reserves an escorted tour, book a hotel or has extensive dental treatment each client gets their questions answered, he service for which they have paid & the same high quality personalised service.

Anyone making any arrangements with us is doing so because they trust and believe in us. We want all these people to feel secure, safe & relaxed in the knowledge that they are making a good decision. Backed up with many years of experience, official references & certificates and a dedicated team we believe in ourselves, what we do, our products & we believe we are really good at what we do.

Let us help you with your plans for your next trip to Turkey, Believe in us and give us a try!


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